Barbara Allen, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
"The world, art, and self explain each other: each is
the aesthetic oneness of opposites." —Eli Siegel

There Are Wives: Barbara Allen, Anne Fielding, Pauline Meglino 

Through studying the opposites of contempt and respect in the history of marriage and in their own lives including yesterday's incident at the breakfast table - wives learn how to use marriage and a husband to like the world.  We are grateful to present what we learned in Aesthetic Realism lessons with Eli Siegel.  Some subjects: In Marriage - How Does Adoration Change to Contempt?; Can Sex Be a Source of Pride in Marriage?; Disagreement in Marriage - When Is It Good?   
First Saturday each month, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (continuous)
Resources on Aesthetic Realism, which I recommend in addition to what's already mentioned on this page, are: (1) The Aesthetic Realism Online Library which has reviews, essays by Eli Siegel , poetry and lectures by Mr. Siegel, books, articles in the press, and The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known. (2) The Web site "Friends of Aesthetic Realism—Countering the Lies" in which students and former students of Aesthetic Realism tell the truth about some of the meanest misrepresentations we've seen. It has wit and satire on it too. (3) Links to sites created by persons whose first hand knowledge of Aesthetic Realism and its approach to art, literature, the economy, and life make them important authorities in today's cultural world. (4) Writing by Ellen Reiss, the Chairman of Education at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, on Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson; on the Middle East, on Harry Potter as literature; as well as descriptions of the classes she teaches by architect David Salmon, by New York teachers B. McClung and L. Phillips, and by English teacher Leila Rosen. (5) Dr. Arnold Perey's site "Aesthetic Realism: A New Perspective for Anthropology and Sociology."



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